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Fall 2018 Recruitment is now closed.

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What is rush?

Rush takes place during the first two weeks of the term, and offers an opportunity for interested students to learn about the fraternity. During several events, students can meet the members of the chapter, attend information nights, and determine whether our chapter would be a good fit. If you are interested in becoming a member, you must first submit an application before the rush process ends. Applications are due Wednesday night of week 2.

Who can rush?

Alpha Kappa Psi is a co-ed, professional fraternity based out of the Lundquist College of Business. This means we are gender inclusive and we accept students of any major at University of Oregon.

If you are interested in rushing, keep in mind that applicants must have at least three terms remaining before graduation — spring of Junior year is the last term to apply. Our GPA requirement is a minimum of 3.0, but we will consider extenuating circumstances.

Am I member after I submit my application? 

Not quite.  After submitting your application during week 2, there are several steps that follow:

1. We will review your application, and grant you an interview based on your responses.

2. After your interview and upon committee review, we may offer you the opportunity to join that term’s pledge class.

3. You must then complete the 6 week pledge process with your pledge class.

4. If you complete the pledge process, we will initiate you as a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi’s Kappa chapter.

What is the pledge process like?

The pledge process is a way for prospective members to get to know the ways of our chapter. Additionally, it is a way for the membership to evaluate whether or not a pledge would be a good fit in our chapter. The pledge process is a formal process which lasts roughly 6 weeks. While the process can be time-consuming, we always want to ensure pledges are comfortable throughout the process — there is absolutely no hazing! Finally, to be successful, pledges must pass quizzes and participate in professional rituals.

What are the costs? 

The application fee during rush is $65 and is fully refundable if you do not get selected as a pledge. If you successfully complete the pledge process, there us a $100 initiation fee. Once a member, you must pay dues of $90 each term. These term dues help pay for professional events, brotherhood events, chapter resources, and a contribution to the national headquarters.


Applications are currently closed.

For inquiries regarding the rush process, please contact our Rush Chair:

Pamela Herring




Fall 2018 applications are now closed. Please check back later for Spring 2019 recruitment.